John Henry Sullivan III

For more than three decades this unique, multi-platform Creative Director, Image Maker and Architectural Designer has worked internationally for a diverse clientele including: Givenchy, IBM, Architectural Record, Italian Bazaar and Giorgio Di Sant' Angelo. John's work is often characterized by intellect, humor, drama and graphic strength. Always conscious of History and Tradition, John is forever seeking the future.

After attending the United States Naval Academy, John graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service with a degree in African Regional Studies. While at Georgetown, John lettered in Varsity Football and Lacrosse. After spending eight months in Paris photographing and interviewing the principals involved in the Grand Project du Louvre, John was inspired to study Architecture at the University of Miami's Graduate School of Architecture.

Over the past three decades, John has been the recipient of many professional awards including: The U.S. Newspaper Association Award of Photographic Excellence,  15 Addy Awards, which he shares with his wife and partner, Teresa Graham Sullivan.Together they were commissioned to create, design and implement "The ultimate of green luxury stores" in Palm Beach, Florida in 1991, years before ecology became fashionable. His commissions have included projects in Architecture, Interior Design, Faux Finish Painting, Furniture Design, Ceramic Design, Accessory Design, Textile Design, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Photography, and Cinematography
In addition to teaching and administrative duties at CAFTA, John is a certified coach in the State of Connecticut.​
John is an Exuberant Creator and an engaging Mentor and Instructor who considers it a privilege to share his vision and experience with "The Next". 
Teresa Graham Sullivan

Royal College of Art, RCA Master of Arts
Accomplishments: Founder, Manufacturer and Designer of Talulah New York, a made in USA Women's Handbag and Accessory Company in New York City. During her life-long creative career, Teresa has achieved many multi-faceted accomplishments as an artist and designer. She has been awarded 15 Addy Awards for her accomplishments in Advertising Design, which she shares with her husband and partner, John H. Sullivan III. Teresa has received numerous commissions as a Painter, Photographer, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Actress, Model, Interior Designer, Furniture and Home Furnishing Designer, Ceramic Designer and Fashion and Textile Designer..

Teresa credits her entrepreneurial spirit, and her unique approach to Art and Design and impeccable sense of color, which developed over many years, while modeling, traveling, studying, associating with and working for the world renowned artists, designers, creative leaders and entrepreneurs, who have been  her mentors and friends, such as: Princess Irene Galitzine, Comtesse Jacqueline De Ribes, Renato Balestra, Ottavio Missioni, Issey Miyake, Giorgio Di Sant' Angelo, Zandra Rhodes, Gianni Versace, Andre Laug, Patrick Kelly, James Galanos, Bill Blass, Martha Phillips, Gilo Pontecorvo, Mario Monicelli, Piero Tosi, John Walker, Jack Youngerman, Lord Harvey-Bathurst, Rolf Sachs, Konstantin Niarchos, Robert Palmer, Brian Ferry, Peter Townsend, Chris Wood, Sir Michael Philip Jagger, Arther Elgort, Norman Parkinson, David Bailey, Fabrizio Ferri, Bob Krieger, Aldo Fallai, Alberta Tiburzi, Gianpaolo Barbieri, Alfa Castaldi, Fabrizio Gianni, Alberto Rizzo, Olivero Toscani, Peter Gert, Jean Pagliuso, Deborah Turberville, to name just a few. .

Teresa believes that in order to lead a fulfilling life it is necessary to:
1. Know Yourself
2. Be Yourself
3. Give of Yourself
It is her desire to help her students bring out the best in themselves 
and be strong and creative leaders in their approach to art and design. 

Unlocking the inner genius since 2010