The mission of Connecticut Academy For The Arts (CAFTA) is to 
unlock the genius that lies within, one student at a time. 

CAFTA is a Non-profit Cultural Arts Organization dedicated to providing individuals of all ages a means to identify, explore and utilize their creative ideas and talents with excellence and high standards on a competitively global level.   

This is accomplished by providing a unique and inspirational environment which is specifically designed to heighten the awareness and appreciation of the visual arts. Within this environment to offer classes, programs, workshops, lectures, seminars, internships, films, art exhibitions and special events that foster a high level of understanding of the principles of art, design, engineering, technology and filmmaking. CAFTA aims to achieve international standards of excellence in the education of PreK-12 students as they prepare for higher level studies and, if it is their chosen pathway, undergraduate admissions, as well as the continuing education of adult artists, designers and related practitioners.

CAFTA has developed a methodology to achieve these goals through personalized learning,  the quality of it’s teaching, research and practices and through it’s relationships with institutions, industries and technologies associated within the disciplines of art and design. CAFTA is unique in that it continues to mentor students as they transition to productive professionals and remains an accessible resource in helping them learn to manufacture and market their products and services.

While geographically located in Downtown Torrington, CT, CAFTA serves not only 21 Towns in Northwest Connecticut, but also outreaches to other cities and towns throughout Connecticut and beyond. Thanks to new technology, CAFTA’s filmmaking students’ films and other productions, have the potential to reach audiences worldwide.