CONNECTICUT ACADEMY FOR THE ARTS (CAFTA) offers Gap Year Mentoring for Students to prepare portfolios for college and careers in art and design.

Gap Year and Portfolio Classes include career guidance by experts with many years of experience as professional artists and designers. Fields of expertise include: photography, digital media, graphic design, creative writing and book design, painting and fine art, architecture, (including furniture, ceramics, floral and landscape design), fashion design (including clothing, accessories, jewelry and textile design), filmmaking (including, acting, set design, script writing, animation, directing and producing films).
Experts will work one-on-one with each student to evaluate and develop a successful presentation of the student’s artistic skills. Mentors will work with students to improve their SAT scores and/or to prepare them for employment in the field of art and design. Students will be guided through the process of college selection and/or job  search and interviews, portfolio documentation and quality portfolio presentation. Students (and their parents) will be assisted with applications for appropriate scholarships and available grants for their chosen studies.
NOTE: CAFTA students have written and published books, received numerous regional, national and international awards and scholarships, this year one of CAFTA's students received offers in excess of $380,000 in scholarships from several colleges and universities)  

For further information contact: CAFTA Admissions: or 860-201-5706
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