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CAFTA FRIDAY FILM FORUM is a film studies group that meets weekly to study the great international filmmakers, directors, and actors in the world of cinema. In the six years CAFTA Friday Film Forum (FFF) has been in session, over 300 award winning films from all over the world have been seen and discussed. In the new CAFTA theater (at 100 Prospect Street in Torrington, CT), films are shown on a 30 foot screen in a very comfortable studio environment. 
A "Happy Hour" informal cultural networking takes place from 6 pm until showtime at 6:45 pm. Refreshments are served at that time. Everyone is asked to bring either a savory or desert to share. Promptly at 6:45 pm the movie begins. 
After the film, coffee and dessert are served and everyone joins in the discussion to evaluate the tectonics and themes of the film, filmmakers and/or director. The conversation is always lively, interesting and informative. Many say it is the highlight of their week.

Film classes may be audited film by film. Fee is $5 per class. New students can register at the door when they arrive. For more information please call 860-201-5706.
A place to discover and study rare and wonderful gems of world cinema
Answer to Last Week's Film Quiz: 
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This Week's Movie : 12.14.2018

Dear CAFTA Film Buffs,

Sam Slaiby returns this week with his classic offering. Here is his clue:


"Has there ever been a more stereotypical WASP man of letters than Thornton Wilder ? His waspishness [if that is not a word it should be ] is not just reflected in his background: English missionary school in China ; student teacher, lecturer, publishing star , etc. at Oberlin College , University of Chicago, Yale, Princeton, and Harvard ; Coast Artilleryman in WWI ; Lt Colonel Army- Air Corp Intelligence in WWII; awards up the gazoo for his writing ; and darling of Eastern literati , academics, and critics. His areas of expertise included: archeology, existential philosophy, languages (fluent and worked in 4), and ,most of all, Western literature. He toiled very successfully in education, theater, and novels . Dolly Levy , Theophilus North, and an Off-Broadway stage manager, to name a few, owe their fictional lives to Thornton Wilder . Through the years on stage, screen, radio ,and television , Orson Welles, Frank Craven, William Holden, Martha Scott, Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, and Frank Sinatra, all benefitted and enhanced early careers by distinguished performances in productions based on the play that is the subject of this week’s film .

  The play has been performed more times than any other in the history of American theater. Excerpts of performances by Hal Holbrook , Robbie Benson, and few other luminaries will be integrated into our viewing experiences .

  Thornton Wilder was a giant of the mid-20th Century . Forgotten today by almost all, except elderly liberal art majors, theater aficionados, and a few younger literature and theater nerds who are into WASP literary anthropological studies. Initially he certainly was a nonentity to the 24 student thespians at Dominguez High School in Compton California , who in 2002 were charged with performing the play . Theirs’ was a culture immersed in gangsta rap graffiti. This week’s film documents their experiences digging through the small New England town lily white society of over 100 years ago portrayed by Wilder with the tools afforded them by their own social experiences.”

If you want to try guessing the movie, be the first to contact CAFTA with the correct answer and win free movie candy or a glass of port. As usual we begin gathering at 6:00 pm and the movie will begin promptly at 6:45 pm. We ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes before the movie begins so not to disturb our guests who arrived on time. We will have our group discussion with coffee and dessert immediately following the film. 

Also, as usual, please bring something to eat or drink to share with the group. The fee is still only $5.

Hope you guess correctly. Good luck!

See you Friday!