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CAFTA FRIDAY FILM FORUM is a film studies group that meets weekly to study the great international filmmakers, directors, and actors in the world of cinema. In the six years CAFTA Friday Film Forum (FFF) has been in session, over 300 award winning films from all over the world have been seen and discussed. In the new CAFTA theater (at 100 Prospect Street in Torrington, CT), films are shown on a 30 foot screen in a very comfortable studio environment. 
A "Happy Hour" informal cultural networking takes place from 6 pm until showtime at 6:45 pm. Refreshments are served at that time. Everyone is asked to bring either a savory or desert to share. Promptly at 6:45 pm the movie begins. 
After the film, coffee and dessert are served and everyone joins in the discussion to evaluate the tectonics and themes of the film, filmmakers and/or director. The conversation is always lively, interesting and informative. Many say it is the highlight of their week.

Film classes may be audited film by film. Fee is $5 per class. New students can register at the door when they arrive. For more information please call 860-201-5706.
A place to discover and study rare and wonderful gems of world cinema
Answer to Last Week's Film Quiz: 
"The Informer"
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Dear CAFTA Film Buffs,
We return to our regular schedule this week with an important documentary film selected by our guest moderator, Sam Slaiby. Here is his hint:
 Adolphe Thiers was born in 1797, during France’s short lived First Republic, came to maturity during the First Napoleonic Empire, helped to overthrow the last of the Bourbon monarchs in 1830, became President of France in 1840 during the Second Republic, survived the monarchy of Louis Philippe, only to be exiled during Louis Napoleon’s Second Empire, and in 1871 became the first President of the Third Republic. He, after a lifetime of experience in every form of government known to France up to that time, famously observed: “It is the republican form of government that divides us the least .”
France has always been a nation of great economic , political , and social diversity . In 1940 the always unstable Third Republic was brought to its knees by both Hitler and its own schizophrenia. Its citizenry split into three groups: 1) those who identified with the Free French, whose most prominent leader in exile was Charles DeGaule, and whose native underground was known as La Resistance ; 2) those who collaborated with the Nazis as did disgracefully General Henri-Philippe Petain ( Hero of Verdun, Marshal of France and Chief of State of the Nazi puppet sector known as Vichy France) and Pierre Laval, Petain’s loathsome Prime Minister; and 3) the Fence Sitters . If a republic divided the French the least, the dictatorships of Germany and Vichy divided them the most .
June 14, 1940, the day the Nazis marched into Paris was a day of great sorrow not just for the France, but for millions of Francophiles worldwide, especially many Americans for whom France had been for all its idiosyncracies, had been a second home and a place of great joie d’vivre . ( Reference Oscar Hamerstein & Jerome Kern’s “The Last Time I Saw Paris” ) . There is nothing more pitiful than a nation willing to surrender its elan to the barbarian hoard in order to survive in humiliating subjugation .
The film , which CAFTA will feature in 2 parts beginning with Part 1, this Friday, September 22, 2017 @ 6:45PM , is a 1969 documentary that investigates how France dealt with its occupation in May 1940 until it was liberated by allied forces in 1944 through the use of archival film footage and by focusing on the actions and attitudes of residents of the small city of Clermont-Ferrand among whom are members of La Ristance , collaborators, and fence sitters.

If you are the first to guess the correct title of our film and contact us at 860 201-5706 or email: cafta.usa@gmail.com, you will receive free movie candy on Friday!

Doors open for refreshments and networking beginning at 6pm and our film starts promptly at 6:45pm. Please bring either a snack, desert or beverage to share with our group. As usual, we will have a lively discussion about the film immediately following the film with coffee and dessert. Come and enjoy the fun! The fee is still only $5 each.