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CAFTA FRIDAY FILM FORUM is a film studies group that meets weekly to study the great international filmmakers, directors, and actors in the world of cinema. In the six years CAFTA Friday Film Forum (FFF) has been in session, over 300 award winning films from all over the world have been seen and discussed. In the new CAFTA theater (at 100 Prospect Street in Torrington, CT), films are shown on a 30 foot screen in a very comfortable studio environment. 
A "Happy Hour" informal cultural networking takes place from 6 pm until showtime at 6:45 pm. Refreshments are served at that time. Everyone is asked to bring either a savory or desert to share. Promptly at 6:45 pm the movie begins. 
After the film, coffee and dessert are served and everyone joins in the discussion to evaluate the tectonics and themes of the film, filmmakers and/or director. The conversation is always lively, interesting and informative. Many say it is the highlight of their week.

Film classes may be audited film by film. Fee is $5 per class. New students can register at the door when they arrive. For more information please call 860-201-5706.
A place to discover and study rare and wonderful gems of world cinema
Answer to Last Week's Film Quiz: 
"Can You Ever Forgive Me"
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This Week's Movie : 3.22.2019
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Dear CAFTA Film Buffs:

This week our Moderator, John Kissko returns with a very timely selection which should inspire a lively discussion afterwards. Here is his clue:

 “OW!” squawked Chicken Little.

He had been looking up at the sky at an airplane flying high overhead when something grazed his downy yellow skull, the one that protected his pea-sized brain. He looked on the ground and saw a small chunk of blue ice.

“The sky is falling. I must tell the government.” He raced down the trail that led to Washington, and soon saw Owly Wowly.  

Ordinarily that would have been the last thing he saw, but Owly Wowly had just eaten a fat chipmunk, so he wasn’t hungry.

Chicken Little told Owly Wowly that the sky was falling.

“What do you mean ‘The sky is falling?’” asked Owly Wowly.

“A chunk of blue sky just fell on my head. It melted into a stinking puddle, but I saw it, and it was a piece of the sky! We must tell the government - only the government can save us!” chirped the excited Chicken Little.

“The government?” scoffed Owly Wowly, “The government can’t solve problems, it only makes them,” and he flew off to avoid any chance of dealing with the government.

The frantic chick kept running toward Washington and soon found Goosey Loosey eating some grass by the side of the trail.

“Oh, Goosey Loosey, something awful just happened. The sky is falling; a piece of it hit my head. We have to tell the government. We need investigations and hearings and laws and programs and taxes!”

Goosey Loosey was alarmed. “You’re right. I’ll go with you. Owly Wowly is smarter than us; maybe we can get him to join us.”

“He’s just a falling-sky denier. I told him already and he didn’t take it seriously enough,” the outraged Chick sputtered.

The bird-brained duo got as far as K Street in Washington, and there they found Foxy Loxy in his natural habitat. They told him their story.

“Very frightening,” said Foxy Loxy, “but we have to plan how to approach this so as to make it even more frightening so people will pay attention and do what we want. That will take lots of money and a big-name spokesperson. How much to you have?”

When the feathered naifs told Foxy Loxy they didn’t have any money he was momentarily nonplussed, but then, in perfect vulpine fashion, said “Let’s discuss this over lunch.”  

Fade to a noisy and feathery black.

Let imdb.com speak for itself: Won 2 Oscars. Another 31 wins & 11 nominations. 
One well-known Hollywood star plays himself in this movie, but none of the others who are featured are known for their on-screen acting abilities, in fact many think of them as bad actors. This film is a tocsin, and it may well be the goriest movie we have seen but not the bloodiest. (?) Rotten Tomatoes gives it a significantly higher critical than audience rating, but the audience rating is still fairly high. The discussion has the potential to be interesting; come if it is convenient to seek the truth.

To win the weekly prize, be the first to contact Teresa with the correct answer and win your choice of movie candy or a glass of port. As usual, we will gather starting at 6:00 P. M. The movie will start promptly at 6:45. Arrive at least 5 minutes before the movie begins so not to disturb our guests who arrived on time. We will have our group discussion with coffee and desert immediately following the film. Also as usual, please contribute something to eat or drink. The fee is still $5.00.