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CAFTA FRIDAY FILM FORUM is a film studies group that meets weekly to study the great international filmmakers, directors, and actors in the world of cinema. In the six years CAFTA Friday Film Forum (FFF) has been in session, over 300 award winning films from all over the world have been seen and discussed. In the new CAFTA theater (at 100 Prospect Street in Torrington, CT), films are shown on a 30 foot screen in a very comfortable studio environment. 
A "Happy Hour" informal cultural networking takes place from 6 pm until showtime at 6:45 pm. Refreshments are served at that time. Everyone is asked to bring either a savory or desert to share. Promptly at 6:45 pm the movie begins. 
After the film, coffee and dessert are served and everyone joins in the discussion to evaluate the tectonics and themes of the film, filmmakers and/or director. The conversation is always lively, interesting and informative. Many say it is the highlight of their week.

Film classes may be audited film by film. Fee is $5 per class. New students can register at the door when they arrive. For more information please call 860-201-5706.
A place to discover and study rare and wonderful gems of world cinema
Answer to Last Week's Film Quiz: 
"Ethan Frome"
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Dear CAFTA Film Buffs,

This week John Kissko returns with an entertaining film for your enjoyment. He is hoping to stump you so he can enjoy the glass of port himself! Make sure you try and guess. Here is his hint for this week:

"Poor Claudette Colbert. Dragged out into the boondocks to a farm that wasn’t much more than a couple of primitive buildings by a husband with dreams of the future. With their cow behind them they arrived to start their new life surrounded by curious neighbors and Indians.
Somehow it all works out, though not without a movie-full of problems.

The screenplay was based on a best-selling novel but it wasn’t the writing that got the Oscar nomination; rather it was the performance of a supporting actress playing a strong, but frequently comic, character. That actress didn’t win the Oscar, but she did go on to become the main character in many later movies."

If you want to try guessing the movie, be the first to contact Teresa with the correct answer and win movie candy or a glass of port if there is any left. As usual, we will gather starting at 6:00 P. M. The movie will start promptly at 6:45.  We will have our group discussion with coffee and desert immediately following the film. Also as usual, please contribute something to eat or drink.  The fee is still $5.00.