Northwest Connecticut Pre-K through High School (ages 4-18) students have an opportunity to take part in CIAO (CAFTA Italian Arts Outreach), a unique Language Arts and Culture program sponsored through a grant from the Italian Government. 

The CIAO program is project based and students will create their own age appropriate journal/textbooks and choose from projects such as acting for films, filmmaking, fashion, arts, animation, architecture, literature, writing, design and culture while learning to converse in Italian. 

The class will be taught by professional internationally renowned artists, designers and filmmakers, Teresa and John Sullivan, as well as by visits from other nationally and internationally known professional artists and designers. 

There is no Italian language prerequisite necessary for this class.

The CIAO Program will also open up opportunities for travel to Italy, Italian internships and networking.

Persons who are interested in participating or finding out more information should contact:
CAFTA telephone: 860 201 5706, or email: cafta.usa@gmail.com 
CIAO Italian Arts and Culture Program